Sunday, April 25, 2010

selling new curves! :)

I have decided to add an additional offer. anyone who buys all 5 of my curves (the 3 listed here + "by the sea" and "wildberries") can buy the set of 5 for a total of $14. If you have previously purchased BOTH wildberries and by the sea, or if you have recently purchased the 3 curves sold below, please contact me with the PayPal username you used and you will be able to buy the remaining curves for $14 minus the amount you originally paid!

see "by the sea" here: http://o--tebem--o.deviantart.com/art/By-the-Sea-Curve-plus-text-tut-152463007
see "wildberries" here: http://o--tebem--o.deviantart.com/art/Wildberries-Curve-and-text-tut-152624509


This is kind of complicated. I have these three curves that really complement each other well. The main one, #1, is the most useful for editing most photos, and I use it as the base curve. I then use #2 or #3 [often times both] on top of #1.

Here's how I'm selling them:

Package 1:
Curve #1: $5

Package 2:
Curve #1 + EITHER #2 OR #3: $6.50

Package 3:
Curve #1 + #2 AND #3: $7

Package 4:
Curve #2 OR #3 by itself: $3.50

Package 5:
Curve #2 + #3: $6

*just so know, these come as separate curves, so you'd be free to use them and layer them as you like :)

To buy, please email me your request [emilytebbetts@comcast.net] , and send the payment to emilytebbetts@comcast.net through PayPal. Please remember to click on the "Personal" tab when sending the money [you should see options like "gift", etc] so that I get all of it. Thanks and please let me know if there is any confusion! :)

First, I'm going to show you 4 photos edited using either 2 or all three of the curves. [roll over mouse to see difference]

#1 + #2 + #3

#1 + #2

#1 + #2 + #3 [#3 is on 60% opacity]

#1 + #2 + #3

Now, for how the curves build onto one another:

Orig + #1 [roll over mouse to see difference]

Orig + #1 + #2 [roll over mouse to see difference]

Orig + #1 + #2 + #3

#1 just adds really nice tones.
#2 darkens, adds some contrast, and hints towards magenta
#3 lightens and refreshes

Here's how #2 and #3 affect the original photo independently:

Orig+ #2

Orig + #3

Orig + #2 + #3

OKKK so, I hope I haven't confused you too much with all these photos!! :P

I hope you like them!


  1. can i just say that i want to marry these photographs. so much beautiful love.

  2. amanda-- THANK YOU <3
    Sam- I used a javascript generator: http://javascript.internet.com/generators/preload-images.html


  3. These look outstanding. I just have to wait a couple of days now for funds to transfer to Paypal so I can get my hands on them. =D

  4. That's fantastic!

    How did you get the rollover to work!!

  5. thanks guys!! :) :)
    anon-- by using the link I posted in the comments before :)

  6. your talent is stunning. i really admire your style!

  7. beautiful curves! :) :) i have too many already though :( but good luck selling them!

  8. oh my god. when i get cs3 im buying them...

  9. Just a quick question, do you save your files as RAW, TIFF, or JPEG?

  10. thanks everyone! :D

    Anon- sometimes I shoot RAW, so then I'll save one as TIFF and one as JPEG after processing, but usually I just shoot JPEG and save them that way :)

  11. huuuu...:( today is my 20th time trying to do the roll over link thing but it still doesn't want to work :(

  12. NICE\\i love how subtle yet effective they are

    the first one of the girl by the one way sign is my fav curve