Sunday, February 3, 2013


On Friday I had the day off so I texted Elisa and messaged Anna from All Things Lovely and asked if they were up for a shoot. As luck would have it, they were both able to come and though poor Elisa froze half to death, we had a great time shooting together! We went to Gloucester and it was beautiful. Here are some of the photos from the day :)

 photo 22-DSC00774e2_zpsea6d7a73.jpg

 photo 02-DSC00430e2_zpsca06b284.jpg

 photo 01-DSC00464e1_zps4bc9da44.jpg

 photo 03-DSC00476e1_zps8a452ebd.jpg

 photo 05-DSC00577e1_zps144020a8.jpg

 photo 04-DSC00597e1_zpsfd6235b8.jpg

 photo 06-DSC00619e1_zps150cbbd1.jpg

 photo 07-DSC00633e1_zps0387d362.jpg

 photo 09-DSC00649e1_zps65be8593.jpg

 photo 11-DSC00659e1_zps52a50975.jpg

 photo 14-DSC00665e1_zpsc554ef7c.jpg

 photo 10-DSC00681e2_zpscea7b74a.jpg

 photo 12-DSC00689e1_zps5e0159a2.jpg

 photo 13-DSC00694e1_zps4fc33efd.jpg

 photo 15-DSC00700e1_zps71a8f07b.jpg

 photo 08-DSC00725e1_zpsfda41768.jpg

 photo 19-DSC00832e1_zpscbec24f9.jpg

 photo 16-DSC00846e1_zpsd8bb5b9d.jpg

 photo 18-DSC00860e1_zpscfc569f7.jpg

 photo 17-DSC00888e1_zps0aea115f.jpg

 photo 20-DSC00910e1_zpsac7fbe32.jpg

 photo 21-DSC00917e1_zps14132c5d.jpg